RK Medicare Care-Bed 2000

RK Medicare Care-Bed 2000

Introducing Care-Bed 2000 – The Intelligent Nursing Assistant (fully automatic excretion treatment system).

Caring for the hygiene of the incontinent has historically been an unpleasant experience for many patients, carers and nurses. Designed with both patients and nursing staff in mind Care-Bed 2000 enables bedridden patients to urinate and defecate in privacy and with comfort, whilst eliminating the need for toilet paper, diapers and towels.

The Care-Bed 2000 consists of 2 parts, the excretion system and the dedicated bed. The `toilet` system is within the bed, and when not in use can be hidden with the click of a button. The excretion system has a dedicated app which works alongside it, this is so nursing staff can monitor the usage from each patient in real time. Visit Care-Bed 2000 official website here.

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The Care-Bed 2000 is very user friendly, the `toilet` can sense urination/defecation within 3 seconds and will automatically flush into a contamination tank within the excretion unit. Once the excretion has been fully flushed away warm water jets are triggered to start the cleaning of the patient, from here warm air dryers then activate to ensure the patient is left clean and dry. The excretion system will automatically deodorise after this process.

The Care-Bed 2000 helps to ensure the cleanliness of not only the patient but also their environment, it can help patients to maintain a sense of dignity whilst protecting their privacy.

The Care-Bed 2000 reduces the dependency on nursing staff which alleviates nursing labour, this allows nursing staff to focus on other aspects of patient care, which helps to maintain focus on humanistic care.


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